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Step 2. Hire only the best.

But how do we know who is the best applicant to hire?
Here are some facts:

In a survey of recent college graduates, 95% admitted that they would be willing to make a false statement on their resume in order to get a job. 41% admitted that they had already done so, according to a report in Nation's Business (May 1999).

In 1998 USA Today reported that absenteeism costs employers an average of $757 per employee.

Most employers don't realize that they can be held liable for what their employees do both on and off the job.

Up to 2 out of 3 of your current employees would prefer to work someplace else.

Part of this problem lies in that most hiring decisions are made during the first five minutes of an interview on gut feelings at best and without the benefit of any verification of the applicants credentials, skills, aptitudes, and prior employment experiences.

We recommend that applicants  be matched to the job applied for according to:
  1. Functional skills required to achieve standards of performance,
  2. Ability to think critically,
  3. Behavioral traits, and
  4. Career interests.
We also recommend that a thorough background check be performed prior to final hire in order to verify education, past employment history, criminal charges, etc.
















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