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Salary Reports

free_salary_report_205 Do you know what to offer that GREAT candidate?
As a member of the Employers Network you receive a FREE Trial Salary Report and a 10% discount on all reports ordered thereafter.


Designed for HR professionals and hiring managers, PayScale Professional gives you instant access to current salary data that matches your jobs and your

How It Works

1. Define your positions and organization. 2. PayScale searches its database for matching profiles. 3. View detailed Salary Reports. 4. Edit your search to see impact on pay.

Get Instant Access to Salary Data

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  • Answer a few simple questions and you’ll get immediate results.
  • The Summary Report feature makes it easy to quickly scan all your reports.
  • Access your reports at any time via your password-protected online account.

Make Better Decisions with Targeted Salary Searches

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  • Search on company attributes including location, size, industry, and organization type.
  • Search on employee attributes including education, certifications, experience and more.
  • Refine your search as often as you like and immediately see the impact on pay.

View Detailed and Comprehensive Reports

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  • Every Employer Report includes salary, bonus, benefits, and hourly wage data.
  • Compensation Influencer charts show how company size, education level, and other attributes impact pay.
  • Individual Employee Profiles show you details not available elsewhere.
  • Data Source Summary shows how closely the data in your report matches your search criteria.

Purchase Only What You Need
  • Make the most of your budget by purchasing only the specific jobs you need.
  • Packaging options range from a single Employer Report to an unlimited-use annual subscription.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Access Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Data
  • Thousands of job titles covering every industry across the U.S.
  • Thousands of new profiles are added every day, so your report includes the most current information.
  • Every Employer Report includes the age of reported data.
















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